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From the first moment of contact with Marita, I knew she was not just a being, teaching yoga - but a light, toward being yoga!

I have been doing yoga for years, seeking a true connection between mind, body and soul. Although my practice was fulfilling, it lacked true understanding, discipline and depth. These last several months with Marita, have been the most profound and productive lessons of yoga as a healing life style.

Marita found her purpose in life as a healer on so many levels. Her teaching comes from a seed planted in her soul that flourishes with her ability to take each student and create just what they need to shape the action necessary for where they are in their practice that day. She is gifted in her ability to teach because she leads with her heart in truth and love of the scientific art of yoga.

I was fortunate and blessed to have her as my teacher for my 200-hour yoga teacher training. I learned more about yoga in these last few months than I have a lifetime. Doing yoga and practicing yoga are two different levels of existence. Marita’s way of teaching was as if she were the mother bird feeding the baby. She allows you to be curious, explorative and unsure in each growing moment while exploring with you the depths of internal growth for a therapeutic journey of healing. The hands-on experience for each class was filled with instruction that demonstrates actual adjustments and direction to enhance the healing process with a gentleness but also an educational pursuit of what, how and why. For me, the why is key. When learning to practice and learning to teach therapeutic yoga, it is in the movement and breath that the alignment becomes healing. As she always says; “find Tadasana and Savasana in every pose.” (alignment and relaxation.) This is where the inner peace, power, connection and freedom become one.

My life has been forever changed because I was not only given a healing tool for my body but for the true connection made between mind, body and soul. Thank you Marita for being an amazing teacher, a committed yogi and following your true calling, teaching teachers how to truly help others heal.


Donjha Cook




Kingwood Yoga teacher training has opened up a whole new world for me. I found Kingwood Yoga and wellness center online, along with a few other places. Marita was the second place to call me back and when I spoke to her for a few minutes I knew right away this was where I needed to be. With COVID being so imbedded in our world, she told me our training would be through Zoom and I worried how much I could really learn with yoga being a mostly physical practice. I didn’t know it then but I was in for such a treat!  Marita spoke in a way that reached me more than any other teacher has. Her energy and authenticity helped me be more open. Patient, trustworthy and knowledgeable are just a few words to describe her. She would say “The universe is perfect” and I’ve learned just how true that is. She was open and helpful every step of the way. Most of the time we were so immersed in the work Zoom felt easy. Even though it was a learning experience it didn’t feel like we were connected through a screen. Right away Marita was very intuitive to my own health issues. I struggled with sciatic pain, menstrual problems and asthma. While learning yoga she encouraged me to practice certain asanas. Fast forward a few months and I am truly blown away at the accuracy of her words, methods and insights on healing the human body. Through asana and prana it’s been months since I’ve needed my inhaler. For the first time in my adult life I have one menstrual cycle a month compared to two and my sciatic pain has dramatically decreased. Yoga is much more than holding a pose or stretching. I’ve spoken to a few people who completed their own teacher training programs and no one offers what Kingwood yoga and wellness center does. This is a one of a kind program tailored for her students. When I doubted myself she was always there to encourage me to breathe and live in the moment. She knew what I was capable of even if I didn’t know it yet. Learning from her has been such a wonderful experience. Through Zoom, I learned how to do my first headstand! I knew I could trust her direction so when my legs lifted in the air I was so proud and I knew she was too! I couldn’t believe how much progress was being made- all through Zoom! When I started this journey I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for but I knew something was missing and I found it in Kingwood Yoga. This teacher training program has been such a gift, one that I will use and take with me for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to have found not only myself but the passion to help others. Thank you Marita for guiding me to the right path! 


Robin Brown, CYT





I always loved yoga as a child, and never had a chance to really learn yoga one-on-one.  I followed online yoga movements because as a young medical doctor with two little ones, I did not have the time to go to a yoga class. Something within me kept calling, and once I found and spoke with Marita over the phone, I somehow knew, this was the right teacher for me, and yes, my intuition was accurate, Kingwood Yoga Teacher Training course was what I needed.

Marita is a true gem as a human being and as a yoga teacher. She is definitely one truly smart, wise and intuitive woman. She is very open, honest and direct with you when teaching yoga. She has the ability to really hone in to what you truly need and works on it with you from day one. She is totally engaged on a mental, emotional and physical level with her students and clients and this shows during the entire class. I always leave feeling so much better, having more clarity, calmness of mind and tranquility, but also more focused, attentive and feeling very centered.  I am glad I chose Marita as a teacher, because she inspires me.  
I still hear her voice when I practice. “Eneze, you are working too hard!!” and I say to myself, “Ahimsa!”(Non-violence)

Yoga teacher training and being in Marita's classes truly gave me my own space and time when I needed it, and that is because Marita starts, teaches and ends her classes in such a way that you feel like it was really about just you and your practice. Her attention to detail and one of the sharpest memories of anyone I have ever known, will definitely make you feel and know that she is paying full attention to you.

As a medical doctor, Marita's style of teaching – “Marita Yoga” which pays attention to alignment amongst other things, is a big hit. She incorporates teaching the asanas (yoga poses) as therapies for different ailments, and this I believe is an attribute to the world in general. I do believe most yoga teachers should be attuned to this, as we live in a world where people have all sorts of underlying illnesses and yoga needs to be tailored as such, as it is indeed a healing modality for almost any dis-ease, and Marita lets you understand this as well. Her classes activated different energetic systems within me and helped me clear blockages in my energy system, as I watch and feel her do the same for so many.

I also learned some new recipes as I enjoyed delicious meals during lecture days, and also learned about Ayurveda, Meditation, Pranayama, The Chakras, the properties of Crystals, teaching Prenatal Yoga and Yoga 4 Kids®.

Thank you for being who you are, thank you for all that you do and thank you for being there with the Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center at the time I needed it.

Eneze Obuaya, M.D., CYT





I want to share with you a story about an amazing woman.  When I first met Marita - I knew she was a very special woman with a very big heart. She has one great goal in her life - to change the world by healing people, helping them to improve their health, change their thoughts to a positive level, getting them to believe in themselves and to trust in the Universe.  Her incredible dedication and awesome results may surprise you. She motivates everyone around with her positive energy and she supports everyone by her optimism, using her knowledge and experience. It was a big gift for me to meet Marita and become her student. Her wisdom has afforded me an unbelievable experience of new feelings and rise to a whole new level of my development.

Marita educated me in a new style of yoga, which I love. This helped me to strengthen my body and mind, become more resilient and healthy, and reconsider the principles of my nutrition and lifestyle. I am confident, that this is necessary in order to reach a higher quality of life and to be more useful to yourself and the world.  I am also completely grateful to Marita for teaching me how to build my own business. She found her life’s calling and is perfect at it. I appreciate her contribution to our society. She feels everybody very deeply and she tries to help everyone that crosses her path. When I was studying, I witnessed the people coming to class evolve… It's been awesome!
If you care to improve your life, heal yourself, or think about the healthiest future possible - Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center will welcome you with open arms.  I sincerely wish for you to encounter the same wonderful experience that Marita and her Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center provided me.




A true yoga guru with 45 years of yoga study and practice, Marita teaches Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Prenatal Yoga and a second to none Yoga 4 Kids program, which she pioneered over two decades ago. I am in awe of the life transformation I have witnessed from even her youngest students. Marita pays close attention to every detail, and ensures that each and every person attending even one of her classes leaves with a rewarding, caring and thorough experience.  I was certainly no exception. I knew that I needed to discover more about yoga and take advantage of the incredible healing powers and knowledge that Marita possessed in her teacher training program. 

Fast forward six months later… I have been lucky enough to have studied and completed Marita’s yoga program that has transformed my way of thinking, transformed my health and transformed my future.  Marita Gardner- Anopol is more than just a knowledgeable yoga instructor; Marita is a Life Coach that has altered the lives of each and every student that has been lucky enough to have learned under her guidance.  Every aspect of yoga is approached in such a way that her students, young and old,  acquire a deep understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection and what it entails to live, heal and thrive through a holistic approach.  I have no doubt that each and every student who has completed the teacher training program through Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center are and will be some of the best and most influential in the yogic community.  A strong, successful “survivor” and single mother, Marita is a true mentor to all who have had the opportunity to benefit from even one of her classes. I believe that Marita will continue to transform the lives of her students in any capacity for decades to come and I consider myself very lucky and honored that I have had the opportunity to have her transform mine. I am eternally grateful for my experience, and look forward to my continued “journey” in yoga and in life.    Thank you Marita for grounding me long enough to change my course….

Andrea Cox




I have been a yoga student of Marita’s for 12 years. I took her teacher training course because I wanted to develop a strong self-practice.  No other yoga training has what Marita offers; Iyengar based yoga from teachers, directly descended from BKS Iyengar.

The things I learned where amazing!


·         I understand the basics of Ayruveda (the science of life) and how to eat with the seasons. 

·         I am more aware of the food I put into my body.

·         I now alkalize every morning before doing anything else. 

·         I dry brush every day before my shower to activate my lymph glands. 

·         I find myself adjusting my body and sitting up taller throughout the day. 

·         I stand in Tadasana, Mountain Pose (tall & sturdy) while waiting in lines. 

·         I practice Pranayama, (breathing techniques) to remain calm.

·         I understand a bit of Sanskrit (the yoga language.) 

·         I am really aware of my Chakras, and the healing power of Crystals. 

·         I practice Mudras (spiritual hand gestures) to positively change my energy.

·         I have learned that everyone’s anatomy is different.  I now understand people are not “lazy” when doing poses or just “tight”. Some body types cannot move certain ways because of their bone and joint structure.

Marita really opened my eyes to be a more healthful and well-rounded person.  I am confident to use my newly developed skills to teach classes; something I had not planned on, as I only wanted to deepen my practice
Marita, Thank you for my health!


Melody Trambaugh






Kingwood Yoga Teacher Training is more than just a yoga studio. It’s a chance to change the way you live think and breathe. Marita provides an all-encompassing approach to healing though yoga. I came to Marita to expand my knowledge, to better serve my clients as a massage therapist. I left with the wisdom to help change others lives.

 I have known the power of yoga for the past 8 years. I have thought about becoming a certified yoga instructor many times but never felt I could make that jump. The first time I met Marita she provided the confidence I needed to take on the challenge. Not only am I comfortable in front of a class but I can effectively communicate to students how they can improve in their practice. This program has enhanced my confidence and teaching style.

Through her hard work and dedication to yoga, for more than 40 years, Marita has pioneered and cultivated her teaching program and her Yoga 4 Kids® brand.
 I have found a deep love and appreciation of her entrepreneurial mind and for Marita yoga. I believe I was guided to this program to help me help others. Through this program I have learned yoga is a form of therapy and can be tailored to any person in any walk of life.

I have a goal to create a wellness center that focuses on healing in the best and most natural way. I want to provide a haven of healing with yoga, massage therapy, chiropractic and nutrition, an integrative approach to health and wellness. Marita has allowed me to be one step closer to this goal. Actually, more than just a step, more like a leaping, bountiful step closer. And for that I am for ever thankful.

Kimberly Crow, LMT, CYT





After 20 years away, I’ve found myself back in Kingwood nursing an injury that literally brought me to my knees. “The Universe is perfect!” Marita would say, “You came back here to meet me!” I had been doing various forms of PT with not much success when I found Marita at Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center. I began doing private sessions with Marita and found her incredibly intuitive with me and sensitive to my injury. I’ve had a long history with yoga in my life studying different styles with teachers all over the world. This was a difficult and humbling time for me but through Marita’s style of yoga and teaching, I was finally able to begin to move my body again, calm my nerves and most importantly, have hope.
Through my entire rehab process, Kingwood Yoga and Wellness center has become a sacred space for me to be able to feel challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I embarked on the teacher-training program during this process and found the experience to be an important key to the healing. Marita has a great understanding of people and her training program is incredibly thorough. Marita was very flexible with the schedule to meet everyone’s needs and very explicit in her direction so you always know where to go. You will come away with a real understanding of proper alignment and benefits of each asana. The passion she exudes about her work and living the yogic life is inspiring. This yoga studio and the TT program truly are a hidden gem in this town. If you are considering this training program, I highly recommend going for it. You will most likely find that the Universe truly is perfect.





Kingwood Yoga Teacher Training has given me the key to a more relaxed and caring way of life. Since I am the product of a busy, stressful lifestyle, my time is filled with work, leaving very little for my family and myself. It’s difficult to eat healthy and squeeze in exercise. This is a one way ticket to burn out, regret and an unfulfilling life. KW Yoga Teacher Training has allowed me the freedom to embrace the possibilities of something different.
After nearly a year, I have not only learned postures and techniques but also how to use yoga to slow my busy mind and body. I take time to practice yoga and be mindful of my body and mental health, and I know which postures will benefit me most depending on my current needs. Prenatal yoga helped me experience a fulfilling and beautiful second pregnancy and gave me tools for labor and delivery, and I have recovered more quickly after giving birth.
To me, teaching yoga brings joy and is about giving back. Preparing for and teaching a class is about the students, and knowing that I’ve helped cultivate relaxation, peace, or pain relief in an individual is what
being a teacher is. I particularly enjoy teaching the prenatal students and guiding expectant mothers to the same peace and relaxation I experienced during my pregnancy.
When you take the time to invest in yours and others health and well-being, yoga begins to transform your life into a well-rounded, fulfilling experience, and KW Yoga Teacher Training has allowed me to start the journey. As I have learned, it’s not about the end result but about the process that gets you there. Thank you Kingwood Yoga for helping me find this path!





When I first met Marita at Kingwood Yoga, I was in the middle of a personal awakening and felt as though something was missing but wasn’t sure what it was. 
It was yoga.
I always practiced yoga in a workout way, never as it was intended, as the union of mind, body & breath; closing the gap between my inner self and my ego. 

The teacher training program that Marita provides at Kingwood Yoga is very in-depth, detailed, and covers a large amount of hands on practice.  Sharing her personal history, knowledge and experiences have taught me that by using props when needed and precise alignment to create an asana, is magical. She taught me Pranayama- breath work, Meditation-quieting the mind, Ayruveda-the science of life, The Chakras, healing with Crystals, the business of yoga and more.

Marita has taught me, guided me, supported me, and forced me to create a very strong foundation for myself. She never let me take the “easy way out” and I am forever grateful to her for that. This has increased my discipline, confidence and pride. My body began changing in just a very short amount of time, my eating habits become better, and my overall lifestyle changed. Bad habits have disappeared without me consciously trying. I never got that from a workout yoga class. It was the realization that once you become in tune with yourself, the answers you seek are already there within you. 

My body, mind, and breath have found alignment, which allows me to be more receptive to the joyfulness of life and the synchronicities of the universe. I have been given a gift that I will use every day of my life.

Thank you Marita, and thank you Kingwood Yoga.





Kingwood Yoga | yoga classes, houston yoga, retreat, breathing, hatha, marita, meditation, workshops, wellness, healing, kids yoga, family yoga, movement, flexibility, focus, texas, austin Kingwood Yoga | yoga classes, houston yoga, retreat, breathing, hatha, marita, meditation, workshops, wellness, healing, kids yoga, family yoga, movement, flexibility, focus, texas, austin

When I discovered Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center I used a cane. I have since tossed the cane and all of my medications. I practice my yoga every day. I can now interrupt a headache before it kicks in. I keep my sinuses clear without antibiotics and the poses keep my arthritis at bay. It is holistic healing! Without the recommended hip replacement surgery, I am so flexible now. I feel fabulous! I feel better than I have felt in 30 years. Marita is my new M.D.

Kingwood Yoga | yoga classes, houston yoga, retreat, breathing, hatha, marita, meditation, workshops, wellness, healing, kids yoga, family yoga, movement, flexibility, focus, texas, austin


I have been a student of yoga for more than 10 years. Marita knew when I was ready to learn the king pose of yoga, ”HEADSTAND.” Although I was apprehensive, I trusted her intuition. I just love the way she instructs me.

Kingwood Yoga | yoga classes, houston yoga, retreat, breathing, hatha, marita, meditation, workshops, wellness, healing, kids yoga, family yoga, movement, flexibility, focus, texas, austin


When I would get out of bed in the morning, I could barely move. Bending, sitting, even sneezing hurt. My doctor prescribed physical therapy. Then a friend suggested I go with her to Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center. I went, hoping for a miracle…and I found it!

Kingwood Yoga immediately made me feel welcome. They knew just what to do to help my aching back. By the end of the summer I was almost pain free. I was definitely much, much better.

Their expertise is not limited to my back problem. I hate exercise, but the classes give me a complete workout that is challenging and totally fun. I have barely taken the first step, but their wisdom, kindness, and patience make the adventure exciting.

Kingwood Yoga is also teaching me to relax. With Kingwood Yoga I have learned to handle stress much better. I am healthier both physically and mentally.


I want to say a word or two about Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center. Besides Lymphedema, I also have 2 bulging discs that make it hard to do anything much less Yoga, or so I thought.

Through Marita’s guidance, I’ve gradually made improvements, little by little. I could hardly balance myself at first and now, just 4 sessions later, I’m getting stronger and stronger. Marita has a gift and it is that no matter how many people are in the class, you feel as though you are the only student she has, the only one who matters! Everyone in the class feels the same way. She’s done so much for my strength and stamina, much more than any Doctor has done. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know about her. Her gift must be known.

There are more testimonials on the Prenatal page.

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